Wall Street Crack

For Those Addicted to the Wall Street Game

About WSC

Who I Am

First, let me make it clear….I am not a money manager, I am not a market “professional” and I don’t have 30 years of in depth trading experience that I am drawing from to write this blog.  I’m not going to attempt to explain to you the reasoning behind the Chinese Yuan manipulation beyond what I see in the news and I’m not going to break news stories like the Enron accounting scandal or root out the next Bernie Madoff.

I am however, just like millions of people in this world that has decided to take charge of their own money, their own retirement accounts and to learn as much as I can about how to grow that money in the best way possible.  This is not the holy grail of trading and never will be (cause as we all know, that doesn’t exist).  These are simply my thoughts and my ideas.  I am in a constant state of learning, as we all should be.

This blog is my attempt to have my thoughts and trading better organized.  Having the structure that blogging provides discipline in my trading and that is something that I need.

When I was a kid I remember my dad coming home from work and making me turn to the news to see how Philip Morris did that day on the market. That started my curiosity of how the market worked.

What I Trade

I trade with in a small IRA that I have so that limits what I can do right off the bat.  I can only go long Equities and ETFs, Covered Calls and Long Puts as a hedge to an existing position.  I am also able to do Bond, Mutual Funds and CDs but what fun is that?


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