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$CTXS Basing under 75.75 but maybe a bit extended short term

Posted by Dino on April 1, 2011

CTXS is basing under $75.75 intraday but if it tries to break out it may have a hard time continuing northward.  It’s had a heck of a run the past few days being at a low of 65.84 just about a week ago.  If it does run and hold this thing has a bit more strength then I expected.


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Wow…What Strength $JDSU $NFLX $CTXS

Posted by Dino on March 4, 2011

Things got a bit ugly earlier to day but it didn’t really seem to phase JDSU at all.  NFLX (will blog my entry later) broke out from the open and has held nicely.  CTXS has been a bit shaky but still is showing impressive strength in this nasty tape.

Notes are on charts.

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$CTXS Possible Entry

Posted by Dino on February 25, 2011

I’m liking what I see in the 1 hour CTXS chart for an entry.  It’s had about a 50% retracement off of recent highs down to previous resistance now looking like it’s support and it’s at an ascending trendline support.  Entry over yesterdays highs could bring about a retest of 73.62 and possibly higher if the general market cooperates.

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